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Dual Lane Horizontal Flowpack Machine – MMH2

This high-tech automatic wrapper machine has been designed to complete CT-Pack’s machine range. This unit is indeed intended to overcome the needs of a machine that is able to merge together the production speed of two single lane wrapping machines, as well as providing an everlasting buffer intended as a stand by line integrated in the main one.
This unit shares with CT Pack single lane flowpack models the same stainless steel material and construction  technology following the principle to be totally hygienic and washable.
The complete independent lanes also allow the wrapping of two different formats at the same time possibly with two different foil.
MMH 2 is extremely user friendly for operator and maintenance team as well as ergonomic in all its parts.
The unit is the perfect solution for those factories with very high production capacity needs and lack of available floor space.

The machine provides a maximum cold sealing speed, expressed in foil meters per minute, as about 160 m/min. with the possibility to run even faster in relation to the quality of the film and the shape of the product.

In terms of heat sealing speed we can asset the maximum on 100 m/min , even in this case the machine is suited to run faster in relation to the film quality and products shape.

MMH2 flowrapper is integrated with the most appropriate feeding systems like metering belts phasing systems, streamer and smart merging systems, direct loading of the lug chain by means of robotic multi-cell units.


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