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Industrial containers

BITO Storage Systems stands for innovative storage technology. As one of the few single service providers in its field, the company supplies shelving, containers, picking and transportation systems for all industries. We are an international company, currently with more than 70,000 customers, and we are one of the market leaders in Europe.

Storage technology made in Germany: As a traditional, medium-d family business, we are active worldwide but remain close to our home in location and in spirit. Ever since the company was founded in 1845, our company headquarters - including our head office and our development and production facilities - has been anchored in our home region.

BITO is short for “Bittmann Oberstein”, after the location where our business was founded by the Bittmann family in 1845. Nowadays, we employ over 900 members of staff. In 1991, the ever-growing company moved to nearby Meisenheim, opening another production facility in the local town of Lauterecken in the year 2000.

The workspace covered currently exceeds 140,000 square metres. We are a specialist in the fields of storage equipment and picking systems, distinguished by our exceptionally high quality standards and our comprehensive focus on the needs of our customers and their sectors.

BITO is one of the few single source suppliers in the intralogistics sector. We offer a complete range of storage technology components. From catalogue products to large-scale systems. From shelving products for workshops and factory installations to compact pallet storage for your intralogistics system. From small visible storage bins to large- containers.

The Meisenheim site is the location of our head office. Our production facilities for all BITO shelving systems are also located here. Goods are constructed to the newest technological standards. Our constructed facilities are highly automated, enabling precise manufacturing while maintaining high quality at all times.

BITO containers are constructed in our production plant in Lauterecken. Our plastic containers are among the most modern designs in the industry. They are manufactured using powerful, cutting-edge injection moulding machines. In the plant's large finishing centre, containers can then be customised according to customers’ exact needs. / Technology - Technology Web Directory