Via Madrid, 14/B - 46047 PORTO MANTOVANO (MANTOVA) (ITALY)

Teck-la was founded in 2007. It is a relatively young company made up of group of technicians and installers who have twenty-years of experience in bottling lines for both PET, HDPE, glass and aluminum containers.

As of 2011, Teck-la has partnered with two well-known companies, a French manufacturer of capping machines and an Italian manufacturer of labeling machines, both expanding globally.

Our company mainly deals with product servicing in the pre-assembly of machines at the companies that produce them, we follow this up with installation and testing at the end customer. Finally we take care of the required maintenance during the production cycle.

Teck-la's goal is to combine the vision and knowledge that its staff has gained through experience with the highest quality standards in the field of bottling, in order to be able to react quickly and meet the performance needs of the market in as short a time as possible. Teck-la aims to achieve the utmost efficiency in labeling machines for the food industry, to grow with its customers and to provide a tailored service that satisfies their needs.

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