Tirelli Srl

Via Progresso, 9 - 46047 Porto Mantovano (MANTOVA) (ITALY)
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TIRELLI was born in 1957 as a manufacturer of electrical systems and assemblies.
Subsequently the company is dedicated to the design of complete systems for industrial automation, perfecting the creation of machines capable of operating both "stand-alone" and within a production line.
Driven by continuous efforts to improve TIRELLI specializes in the packaging industry, placing itself among the leading companies in the construction of fillers, fillers and labeling machines.

In the last three years, Tirelli has specialized in the construction of turnkey systems and has been qualified in the manufacture of candy and biscuit packing machines, canning industry labeling, dairy labeling, canned packaging labels
Sweets candy line, pricelist food industry lines, confectionery machines and candy labeling machines, integrated beverage beverage printer system.

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