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Industrial Applications and Innovation. Designed for production, our automatic flow pack packaging lines and biscuit packaging lines guarantee high efficiency, advanced technology, minimal waste and rationalization of space. Cutting-edge electronics and hi-tech solutions characterize our industrial lines. Technological innovation favours productivity.
CASE STUDY 1: Schib Electronic biscuit feeder for automatic biscuit packaging lines. The feeder is designed to receive the biscuits, arrange them in stacks and feed the stacks into the in-feed conveyor of the flow pack machine. Speeds up to 400 packs per minute. SCHIB PACKAGING biscuit feeder is particularly suitable for biscuit packaging and cracker packaging. Modern electronics and servos grant high reliability and precise handling so that even the most fragile products do not get damaged. The number of lanes which the feeder consists of can be customized depending upon the overall output of the processing line and the number of packaging machines involved. Synchronization between the feeder and the packaging machine is assured by multi axis drive technology. Schib biscuit feeder, accurately designed in every detail, combines perfectly any output requirements and the need for protecting product integrity. Actually, a set of electronically controlled cams assures gentle contact between the extraction devices and the products, even at the highest speeds. The quantity of biscuits or crackers per stack can be programmed by keying in the desired number directly on the Touch Screen.


CASE STUDY 2: Automatic packaging line for chocolate bars featuring a modular distribution system capable of handling different row formats; acquisition of the product format operated by a vision system; multiple packaging stations with “no product – no bag” function and auto film splicer. Other features: cantilevered design for all modules, easy adjustment and maintenance of the module belts,  and gull-wing guarding. It has been developed to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

CASE STUDY 3: Automatic packaging line for “Layer cake”, consisting of row receiving modules, aligning and timing systems, and packaging stations. The system offers high reliability, productivity and quality of the finished product.

CASE STUDY 4: Automatic packaging line for disposable cutlery, with and without band around it. The system  includes a Schib CO50 BB flow wrapper with bottom mounted film reel linked to the injection molding system. The solution offers quick production changes and high reliability, in addition to removing any manual operation.

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