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Today Makro Labelling is the international reference point in the field of industrial labelling machines for the food&beverage, home, personal care and pharmaceutical sectors. 

With its thirty years of experience in the industry, customers’ satisfaction about any labelling requirements is always guaranteed thanks to Makro Labelling’s extensive international sales network, high quality pre- and post-sales service as well as great operational flexibility and the ability to keep up with the demands of a constantly evolving market.

The company designs cutting-edge solutions for the global market, supplies life-long labelling machines, satisfies every production requirement and develops solutions that guarantee results of maximum reliability.

Today's challenge for Makro Labelling is to combine technological, mechanical and electronic innovation for its machines together with an energy-saving manufacturing system that can effectively implement the idea of a more sustainable developing economy. A completely Made-in-Italy production offering high performance and low consumption solutions.

Makro Labelling is a member of PACKPACT - Your partner in advanced processing & packaging.

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