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Tred Technology s.r.l. Builds state-of-the-art blending plants and achieves lower energy consumption and operating costs.

Tred Technology s.r.l. With its constant technological research and mature experience, it is possible to design and manufacture machines and plant for the agri-food industry, and not only, with high level of reliability and evolution, suggesting clients optimum solutions that maximize and enhance the peculiarities Raw materials and finished products.

In the candling plant the process is semi-automatic. Within the tanks there is a slow and continuous movement of the mixture which is maintained at a constant temperature throughout the process. The tank is made of AISI 304 stainless steel to hold multi-store fruit basket baskets and preheated candied blend maintained at a suitable temperature for the entire machining cycle. The tank is insulated with low thermal conductivity insulating material, it is provided with frames Leads perforated and extractable trays and placed so that during the floating phase of the product, the same can not get out and disperse into the tub. On one side of the tank, a pump continuously keeps the mixture warming up. Once the working temperature has been reached, the operation of the pump becomes discontinuous. Heat rise occurs with a low conductivity resistance group

The company 's primary focus is on customer assistance from the definition phase of the requests (consultancy) to the production start - up phase (testing) and beyond, to their full satisfaction.

Tred Technology s.r.l. Transfers small and medium-d companies the right product processing technology to reduce costs and time management, standardizing production, while at the same time protecting
The typicalness and the quality.

Our reference market for the agri-food sector concerns the realization of:

Drying plants for fruit and vegetables;
Drying facilities for cured meats and cheeses;
Installations for the processing and processing of fruit and vegetables;
Plant for processing and processing of milk;
Installations for the processing and transformation of chestnuts and truffles;
Installations for the confectionery industry. / Technology - Technology Web Directory