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pasteurizers food industry

Italy, and the Veneto in particular, has the highest concentration of specialists in the market for pasteurizers food industry.
In 1999, thanks to the experience in a company history of 50 years, a group of engineers and friends realized that the market
He was ready for new pasteurizers food industry spiral revolution that opened the door to the development of a family of products with the same clever idea.

Simplicity comes from experience.

New pasteurizers food industry were introduced in a new society and philosophy People-Product-Technology.
After a few years ALIT has become a company and an authority in the market. Automated systems, handling, cooling, freezing, proofing and pasteurization are the proposed programs covering a wide range of processes.
Today 54 people are involved in company business, which serves more than 700 customers worldwide.

Become a specialist in the management of the thermal process and pasteurizers food industry, thanks to a variety of products.
We see the opportunity to achieve this with a strategy in two ways: pasteurizers food industry tailored to work with customers and ... a modular program that adapts to the production needs more frequent. / Technology - Technology Web Directory