Via dell'Industria, 130 - 61100 Loc. Chiusa di Ginestreto (PESARO) (ITALY)
ITALFORNI PESARO company, charateristically modern and dynamic, operates in a highly specialised manner in the sector of computerised electic and gas ovens. The Company, with thirty years of experience behind it, offers an exclusively craftmanslike attention, a minute attention, to every detail and employs the best available in creating its ovens. Production is broadly carried out in range of models directed at the Pizza restaurant, Rotisserie and Pastry-making sector, but ITALFORNI PESARO, has also been constantly committed to offering the creation of ovens for Ceramics, Porcelain and curvature of glass. Ever attentive and sensitive to environmental issues, ITALFORNI PESARO creates its products respecting these important problems. The Company operates with success both in Italy and abroad and offers itself as a structure projected technologically towards the future, dynamic and efficient, perfectly able to meet any kind of need, from the professional to the artist, from the craftsman to the school. / Technology - Technology Web Directory