Via Galileo Galilei, 25 - 37050 Vago di Lavagno (VERONA) (ITALY)
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TREZZAFORNI S.r.l. makes use of a 30 years' experience in the field of OVENS, MACHINERIES and EQUIPMENT for BAKERIES, PASTRY SHOPS AND PIZZERIAS. TREZZAFORNI is in the vanguard for the technology, quality and security of its products: all essential elements for the achievement of a global market. For this reason the slogan of TREZZAFORNI is: TECHNICS, QUALITY, SECURITY. Besides the traditional ovens filled with gas, diesel oil and electricity, it produces new models of PATENTED STEAM-TUBES OVENS "AIR-VAP" and ROTOR ovens with HEAT RECUPERATION and DOUBLE STEAM GENERATOR that can meet any requirement of the customer. The universalism of the markets has leaded TREZZAFORNI to a philosophy of production that makes it be present in all the markets so that its products are appreciated both in the national and international market / Technology - Technology Web Directory