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baking pans for cakes

Since 1987, Errepan produces metal baking pans for cake, confectionery and bakery industries, including pies for pie production, molds for confectionery and TELAI. Italian quality, high production flexibility and collaboration with the world's leading construction equipment manufacturers. ISO Certificates since 1998.

Accompany the customer in choosing the pies for the production of cakes that best suit their needs, based on the operating conditions and the degree of automation of their process, with the certainty of its satisfaction.

The use of certified materials and technologically advanced machinery allows the company to guarantee high quality standards and to propose a wide range of products and measures that meet specific and specific requirements of its customers whether they are looking for giant mafia molds or Pan / brioches molds.

Guaranteed quality standards Certified materials, technologically advanced machinery and specialized manpower Wide range of products Long experience in the field | Ability to develop personalized products.

Errepan produces a wide range of pies for cakes and pastries, such as soft cake trays, cake molds, plum-cake trays.

In addition to the classic products (pans, muffin molds, baking pans, etc ...), the company today offers important novelties: the new "teddy bear" baking trays for cast products, the minitoast cassette frames And mini-baked slices, square and rectangular cup-shaped pans that do not require a squeezing mold. It is also worth mentioning the possibility of customizing products with brand and / or customer name. The production of Errepan pies production pans is currently certified by the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality System / Technology - Technology Web Directory