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Ever since it was established in 1907, Carle & Montanari has followed a production philosophy which focuses on catering for all customer needs.
The first project put into operation at C&M was an automatic forming machine for “gianduiotti” chocolates.
The idea of becoming sole partner to chocolate manufacturers goes back to the fifties. A direct consequence of this strategy was the creation, in 1957, of the packaging division. This is based in Bologna and was set up for the manufacture of wrapping machines.
During the same period, we designed the Cavemil 275 range - a popular series of moulding lines that have greatly contributed to the growth of the company.
From the sixties onwards, the company moved ahead at a rapid pace and we developed new projects in all sectors of our business.
“The main goal for the future is to consolidate our leadership position by knowing how to seize opportunities, with each new project, in order to demonstrate our many strengths and skills”.    
“As soon as we achieve one goal, we move straight on to the next even more complex and seemingly distant one!”
Carle & Montanari’s philosophy: constant technological research, the spirit of innovation, design and manufacturing flexibility.
New production technologies are tested and set up in our laboratories where realistic factory conditions can be simulated. / Technology - Technology Web Directory