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Filtering disks for the production cacao
Costacurta S.p.A.-VICO is an Italian company specialized in the design and production of metal components for industry and architecture, serving international markets.

Costacurta has a consolidated experience in the design and production of metal conveyor belts for applications that require temperatures ranging from approximately -150 ° C to + 1.150 ° C. Conveyor belts are used in numerous industrial processes and sectors, from metallurgical to pharmaceutical and food, as well as to the cocoa processing sector.

Costacurta cloths and nets are able to satisfy the specific needs of innumerable applications in industrial sectors that are also very different from each other. Thanks to the very long experience in the weaving process and to the strict controls provided by the Quality System, Costacurta is able to produce all types of cloths, even special ones, always guaranteeing a very high quality. Flexibility and compliance with delivery terms, even critical ones, are possible thanks to the number and quality of the frames, the flexibility of the organization and the wide availability of ready-to-use fabrics.

On the basis of a matured experience in product development and refinement, Costacurta today produces multiple types of filtering elements that are used in countless applications in industrial sectors that are also very different from each other, such as for example the filtering disks in wire mesh also used in the processing of cocoa.

Cocoa processing begins with grinding the cocoa beans to liquefy the cocoa butter in the bean. The product of this first operation is a thick paste called cocoa paste. The cocoa paste is pressed to obtain cocoa butter. The remaining part following the pressing, called the cocoa cake, can be turned into cocoa powder through a further grinding operation. The cocoa paste, cocoa butter and cocoa cake are then obtained from the processing of cocoa beans, which are then mixed with other ingredients to obtain chocolate.

The filtering disks in wire cloth for the processing of Costacurta cocoa are used in the cocoa paste pressing process. The machines used in this process are cocoa presses. These are hydraulic presses which, at high pressure, compress the cocoa paste against a metallic filter disk. The high pressure allows liquefying the cocoa butter which is separated by means of the filter disk and collected separately. The result of this pressing is the separation of liquid cocoa butter from the cocoa cake.

The filtering disks in wire cloth for cocoa processing are produced by Costacurta in stainless steel to guarantee the best level of cleanliness and hygiene. They are also cut by plasma so as to considerably reduce the possibility of leakage of portions of wire. The use of adequate raw material also allows the user of the machine, thanks to the action of special magnets, to remove any metal particles present inside the cocoa powder.

In addition to the basic filtering element, Costacurta is able, starting from the drawings supplied by customers, to manufacture derivative products using production processes such as calendering, bending, welding and mechanical processing.

Furthermore COSTACURTA is a qualified supplier of leading international companies that develop technologies, which provide engineering services and build plants for the oil & gas, petrochemical and chemical industries.

Finally COSTACURTA offers supervision services during the installation and assistance to customers for the development of new products. / Technology - Technology Web Directory