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CP Srl, which started-up at the beginning of the “80’s, is a Producer of Bakery, Pastry and Pizza Equipment mainly exporting all over the World.
Our Product’s consistent Quality and our Staff’s Professionality are the key to the CP Image in the World.


Cp machinery produce a wide range of industrial spiral mixers

Quality, flexibility and timeliness in service are CP’s distinctive features making it an expert and reliable partner for its clients

All our Equipment si produced in Italy with European materials strictly following the CEE Roles and Certifications, and the after-sales Service gives the important support all-over the World Market.

Cp machinery produces different models of industrial spiral mixers

 Industrial spiral mixers wiyh fixed bowl

The new series of automatic industrial spiral mixers with fixed bowl mod. CPM, have a dough capacity that varies from 50kg. to 280kg. These industrial spiral mixers are equipped with two independent motors for the spiral and the bowl. The body of the machine is in thick iron while the central column, the spiral arm and the bowl are in stainless steel. The body area closed to the bowl is in stainless steel too. The bowl protection is a closed plastic cover following the CE regulation against the dust flour. The ideal speed combination between the movement of the spiral and the bowl enables our machines to obtain a soft and perfectly oxygenated dough. Furthermore, our mixers can perform very small batches even with the biggest models. The working cycle can be automatic or manual, two speed, both with programmable timers. Is possible to invert the rotation of the bowl even during the automatic cycle. At the end of the working cycle it is possible to operate manually the bowl with a jog movement in order to help take out the dough. This versatility is related with an extremely simple and strong mechanical system that allows an easy maintenance . The CPM mixers are equipped with wheels and blocking device.



Industrial spiral mixers tilting

The industrial spiral mixers line of tilting mixers is available in model of 80-120-160-200 kg. of dough. These industrial spiral mixers enable to empty automatically the dough from the bowl on a table or in a divider hopper. Designed to suit to a specific configuration, these industrial spiral mixers offer an efficient solution to reduce the need of man labour during dough processing. Based on a sturdy and reliable structure, the CPMTL models can intensively be used in operation and require very little maintenance works.  



Industrial spiral mixers with removable bowl

The CPME series, industrial spiral mixers with removable bowl are the latest production for advanced performance and high expertise. Great results are achieved for bread dough, thanks to the excellent refining process and oxygenation. In addition, these industrial spiral mixers can knead all types of yeast dough and baking mixtures . The motor that activates the spiral has been widely regulated, with a greater power supply, therefore it can function under the hardest situations. The rotation of the bowl is guaranteed by the friction wheels and works due to an independent transmission motor that allows the bowlan inverse rotation as well. It is possible to open and close the machine so the bowl can be pulled out thanks to a hydraulic system, with a large-d piston and an independent staion. During the kneading procedure, it is blocked by a high-powered, reliable electromagnetic system. The control panel is located in a comfortable spot and is equipped with opening and closing switches, while the operative part is commanded by 2 timers with 1st and 2nd speed that can be programmed automatically. The electrical part is located in the same watertught box with an antidust pressurization system, that is very comfortable for eventual inspection and ordinay maintenance.



Industrial spiral mixers by table

This series of industrial spiral mixers by table is characterized by the models with dough capacity from 5 to 44 Kg. and is ideal for pizza-retaurant, restoration and bakery. The spiral mixers are available in the version with fixed head (from 5 to 44 Kg.) and with lifting head and removable bowl from 12 to 44 Kg.



We Exhibit at the most important International Expo’s right from the beginning (we were at IBA already in the 1981, at EUROPAIN in Paris from the 1982, in Las Vegas at IBIE from the 1985, etc..) and constantly visit all our Distributor to give valuable support as a “Consultant” more than a simple Bakery Equipment Producer to target Team work for the best solution to the final End User.

Our “Aim” is be diligent and keep our products up-to-date for the market: we need and count on Your feedback to help achieve this!
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