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Plants for food

Tecnopool: the innovation of plants for foods in the form of a spiral

Tecnopool is a dynamic Veneto company that has always been inspired by the principles of development, growth and evolution of plants for food.
His story begins in the 80s and almost immediately the Tecnopool directs their interest, their studies and their production towards applications of conveyor spiral (cooling, freezing, proofing and pasteurization) that cater to the field of ' food industry, offering a wide range of types of tapes such as to adapt to any type of product, from fruit to vegetables, to all the baked goods to meat and fish.


In 30 years the company has become one of the industry sector leadernel plants for food, and boasts the construction of over 2,600 plants, of which 80% abroad, making the design "customized" on the basis of customer needs, both in terms of space management and specificity of production, its strong point.

In the last 3-4 years the Tecnopool it is especially dedicated to the research, which led to the birth and development of the innovative system for foods with transport spiral T-Worth, patented; a solution that certainly in the initial stage was a bet and has required a great deal of adaptation of existing production facilities, but then gave and continues to give great satisfaction, not only in terms of sales, but most of widespread appreciation returns by the same customer.

The key component of the system T-Worth is the tape, on which you have focused the efforts of business innovation, and now has come to the third generation, guaranteeing excellent performance and the achievement of levels of robustness and reliability even higher than previous versions.
It is a tape to fingers in stainless steel, of a width of between 200 and 1,300 mm, with a mesh made of special to each of which is attached a special self-lubricating plastic insert in the lower part constitutes the shoe for the sliding of the tape on guides, while the upper part performs the function of containment of the product.

Sliding occurs in virtually almost total absence of lubrication, thanks to the aforesaid plastic inserts that move on tracks also in plastic material.
The motion is given by a group of towing working tangentially to the belt in correspondence of each plane of the spiral. The coupling between the tape and tow made with special plastic wheels that, in addition to minimizing noise and friction, allow, thanks to a special system of engagement / release to carry out all the operations of maintenance / adjustment in a very simple and in a very short time.

This type of coupling, which is totally different from the solutions to "drum", leaves the spiral "open" and completely free from any obstacles which impede the smooth and efficient air circulation between all floors of the spiral itself.

In this way the products which are the subject of heat treatment will always be hit by air flow constant and optimal range for achieving results that the user will be prefixed.
This structural feature leads, inevitably, to a simplification of cleaning operations.
The particular materials used for the production of sliding components allow to greatly reduce the noise and friction (up to 90%) and, consequently, also the voltage at which the strip is subjected along the path.
Thanks to the absence of direct contact and hence the friction of the metal elements, the system T-Worth new generation ensures the long life of the belts.

In fact, compared to traditional conveyor belts, the metal part of the belt is never subjected to wear, while the shoes in plastic material, which may in some types of applications can undergo with time (5-10 years) abrasions more or less marked , have the characteristics of being able to be replaced in a short time (1 or 2 days for a whole plant), then operation that confers at any time to the same tape the characteristics of a tape "new”.

One of the plusses of transport systems T-Worth of new generation is the extreme flexibility of the structure. It is not in fact a standard product, but a technology adaptable to the specific requirements of each user, allowing to realize solutions with input and output in any position and the position of the machinery of any existing lines.

The tape is supplied, depending on the application, with single or double bars, with stainless steel mesh or plastic material, suitable for operating temperatures from -40 ° to + 230 ° C.


Tecnopool has created systems of all kinds, and on every continent: witness the numbers.

3,352 plants built
-80% Abroad
-20% In Italy
-1080 Cooling in ambient
-775 Cooling in cell
-420 Freezers
-165 Automatic proofers
-82 Pasteurizers and cooking plants
-830 Handling lines


Search, personalization and loyalty: these are the three pillars that inspire us and guide us towards the future and towards success.


The Tecnopool began to move in 1980 and since then has not stopped since.
Driven by an entrepreneurial vision and active dynamic we have interpreted the needs of a changing market by placing the development and technological evolution always on top, and investing more than 10% of our turnover in research and development to create solutions for today tomorrow.


The plants for food Tecnopoolsi perfectly suited to our customers.
Every business has unique needs, which can satisfy the Tecnopool with concrete solutions.
Every reality has requested that the Tecnopool has learned to listen, interpret and solve.
The result is that each customer has a unique facility and made to measure: designed according to his needs and customized to the centimeter.
Thus the Tecnopool has become a reliable partner.


Each customer wants the best for their business. The Tecnopool knows, and can guarantee it both in terms of technical and design, that from the human and personal.
Dialogue is the first step to establish a constructive relationship: the Tecnopool he understood immediately and keep it in mind every day. Why each question is always an answer:
timely, effective and accurate.


From freezing to cooling, by pasteurization the leavening, handling up to cooking: the term flexibility accompanies all our plants for food Tecnopool.
Before building a plant Tecnopool think who will use it, because the flexibility is not just a mental aspect, but also a working approach.
The Design Office Tecnopool does just that: to establish an exclusive relationship with customers, based on clarity and competence.
This relationship is the ability to listen is combined with the preparation for responding. A relationship built on the meeting and on the comparison that begins at the design stage and ending with the construction of the system.
That's how Tecnopool develops plants for food really suitable for each customer and each space, facilities for foods that provide the ultimate in productivity and minimum in terms of maintenance.


One of the most beneficial aspects of the technology developed by Tecnopool is the extreme flexibility that the facilities for food designed can reach. The design office is always available to welcome and meet the needs of customers, whether they are related to the management of the space or the specificity of their production company.
Whatever the plant food made (cooling, freezing, pasteurization or leavening) Tecnopool is able to design and build a completely custom of the client company. The comparison continuous and periodic checks during the design and construction of the plant guarantee excellent results, both in terms of productivity, cost performance.

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