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Bronze dies

Trafile Turconi is a manufacturer of dies for pasta andbronze dies.

They decided to keep the entire production process in-house to guarantee the quality of the bronze dies and inserts produced for pasta factories.

Keeping all stages of production under their control is essential for obtaining the degree of reliability that they wish to maintain and it allows their to remain competitive in the market.

The company was founded in May 1995 by brothers Paolo and Mauro Turconi, each bringing to the new company many years of experience in the industry. The principal goals of the company are centered on quality and timely service, given the fact that achieving these goals are of fundamental importance and will allow the firm to blossom in a market that is overly focused on low prices, at the expense of quality and service. At Trafile Turconi, service has always been regarded as paramount, given the knowledge that without service a quality product will undoubtedly lose some of its value. In order to reach these objectives, CNC (computer numerically controlled) workcenters were employed early on. The company has grown at a fast pace, acquiring in a short period of time a vast client base in Italy and abroad, and in May of 2000 inaugurating its new 1.000 square meter.

They design Their products using CAD software technology that communicates directly with the workshop’s numerical control machines.
Bronze dies and inserts in evolution
In addition to the design of:

  • linear dies
  • circular dies
  • dies for sheets of pasta
  • dies for pasta machines
  • direct-cut dies for penne with aerated system
  • penne cutting cones

They produce a wide variety of bronze dies. These are designed with great care as they represent the heart of the die. All of the inserts with Teflon are produced with an encapsulated system and protected with Teflon to increase their duration and resistance.
Bronze dies and inserts for pasta factories and food processing factories must be precise to the millimetre. It is a fundamental requirement that guarantees performance levels that stand the test of time.

At Turconi, the production of bronze die, dies for bigoli, insert completely for pasta is programmed exclusively on the latest generation of numerical control machines, guaranteeing operational accuracy and greater flexibility of use.
This ensures inserts are produced with the greatest accuracy, thanks to the use of tools that are purposely designed and then coded, shape by shape.

Cutting-edge personnel and technology

Right from the start, all their personnel has been chosen and subsequently confirmed on the condition that they met certain characteristics: they has to be polite, punctual, friendly and, above all, has a desire to work and learn.

Their team now consists of professionals who have worked for Turconi for years, specialists who not only know the secrets of the trade, but thanks to the help of computerised design and the latest generation of numerical control machines, are capable of designing and producing dies and inserts for the production of special shapes or shapes made to a specific design, in addition to standard shapes and those made to samples.

They continue to invest in machinery and equipment to ensure the technological level remains high.

Out of the ordinary, in an orderly fashion

Trafile Turconi can adapt the production of bronze dies and dies for tagliatelle factories to your needs... even the most bizarre ones.

Whether you require bronze dies and inserts for the production of special shapes or those made to a drawing, they make all your ideas take shape, assigning a code to everything we design and produce.
Standard shapes are coded according to the catalogue number; special and non-standard shapes are assigned a serial number that can be traced back to the technical data, thus making it possible to create an exact reproduction even after a number of years.

They often make special tools for making the inserts and even the tools are assigned a code that is entered in the machining work sheet.

Trafile Turconi produce 500 shapes made to a drawing or sample… and more are added every year. Company logos, characters, animals, flowers and objects as well as conventional pasta shapes…They can produce bronze dies and inserts in the s and quantities needed, whether that may be a few units or a few hundred, with extruding parts with or without Teflon.

Their dual warehouse organisation (one for raw/semi-finished materials and one for finished products) enables their to clear orders quickly, offering record delivery times.

So let your imagination run wild and bring their your ideas: They know how to bring them to life.
Their current production:

  • Long pasta
  • Straight macaroni
  • Elbow macaroni
  • Penne
  • Shells - Gnocchi
  • Trecce casarecce – Fusilli
  • Various shapes
  • Small pasta
  • Rough pasta
  • Shapes made to a drawing

Quality is their goal. They control the production chain starting from the raw material, performing visual, digital and dimensional tests at every step. Their bronze dies and inserts are produced entirely within Their company and they manage the machining processes with machines of the latest generation. They often design and create ad hoc tools for specific productions, even for small quantities.

The bronze dies and inserts (together with the relative work processes) are meticulously documented. Standard shapes are coded according to the catalogue number; special, non-standard shapes are assigned a serial number that can be traced back to the technical data, thus making it possible to create an exact reproduction even after a number of years.

At Turconi, innovation starts with our daily approach to problems and customer equirements. We handle every project by analysing, studying and experimenting with solutions that increase our know-how and ensure product performance keeps improving.
Our perception of innovation also includes updating the CNC stations, the use of high-performing materials and constant perfection of the work processes.
All of this is aimed at obtaining results that meet your expectations.
Innovation is part of our business culture. We like to experiment…we are artisans with a technological heart.

We design and manufacture
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