Silos e Magazzini del Tirreno Spa

Silos e Magazzini del Tirreno Spa

Via Pisa, 4 Porto di Livorno - 57123 Livorno (LI) (ITALIA)
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Silos and Magazzini del Tirreno Spa was established in the 70s. Its plant is located in the port area of Livorno and covers about 16,000m2. It has a terminal which is classified as a private customs warehouse in accordance with Italian laws and trades with the EC and other national and international destinations.

The specially equipped pier is about 200m long with a draught of 33,09' (10,30 mt), there are two wheeled gantry cranes for loading and unloading.

The company has the following equipment:

. A silo with 49 compartments having a storage capacity of 35,000mt.

. A 42 x 62 warehouse with a storage capacity of 16,000mt, these are loaded via rubber conveyor belts. / Technology - Technology Web Directory