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Founded in 2004, PFM Germany deals with the sales of the entire range of machines manufactured by the companies PFM, MBP and BG Pack on the German, Swiss and Northern and Central European markets. At such a historic moment in time as this, when attention is moving further and further away from the product and more towards service, PFM Germany have set their sights on being present in the centre of Europe in order to be able to respond in extremely short times to the requirements of the commercial and logistical efficiency that the customers in this area demand.

The PFM company also produces: low pack for food industry, pack wrapper for confectionery, flow pack machine for dairy, horizontal flow pack oil industry, packaging machine for beverage industry, packaging for preserving industry, stretch film machine meat industry, packaging machines for stretch film.

The design department is integrated with that of the parent company; the servicing department is structured so as to have constantly trained and upgraded technicians to cover the whole territory of Germany and Switzerland, who liaise with the engineers and technicians in the PFM servicing department. / Technology - Technology Web Directory