Via Paradigna, 94/A - 43122 Parma (PARMA) (ITALY)
The merging in one company, of leading experts in development and production of colour and shape sorting equipments with professionals with more then 17 years experience in X-ray Inspection Technology has brought to an almost unique reality in the quality control: Raytec Vision as a unique partner is able to propose a wide range of custom-made solutions in quality control. SACMI (Imola) and ROSSI CATELLI (Parma) both today with a turnover of over 850 millions of Euro and 37 among companies and branch offices all over the world, through Sacmi-Catelli Holding, put at customer’s disposal managerial abilities, structures, technical and sale organization, factors that allow to gather the world challenge in the offer of solutions for quality control in the food industry.
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