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The increased demand in terms of quantity, the growing attention to quality issues and the demand for theproducts outside their natural seasonal period, meanthat the entire fruit and vegetable industry is turning its interest to the optimization of the methods of storage and those of processing. The control of biochemical processes of respiration, perspiration and heating, along with the control of gas concentrations are fundamental activities for the maintenance of a product that can satisfy an increasingly growing demand and an increasingly growing challenge for operators in the sector.

The handling, the processing and the transport of fruit and vegetables genres can now use modern technology to give the product and the process itself a high level of quality.
RETARDER for over a decade aims to follow its customers with products, technologies and personnel in the delicate task of storing and processing.

RETARDER is located in one of the area with the biggest fruit production in the country, in close contact with customers and their needs, manage an extensive network of agents and technicians throughout Italy in order to be able to follow directly, as a partner, the entire production.

RETARDER is not limited to being a commercial company, but is always looking for solutions, technologies, products that are able to cover all needs, whether they are common or specific to a single customer.

RETARDER does research, analyzes, proposes and follows its products and their each single application: the observations of the customer are not only the result of experience, but the starting point for the next one. This catalog presents what today the company is able to offer, with proven experience to its customers. The company, staff, industry knowledge are the added elements that can improve that. / Technology - Technology Web Directory