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Petroncini Impianti designs, manufactures and installs grinders machines, processing plants for coffee and similar product like peanuts, barley, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts and cocoa. We can customize them according to your needs and make them fully functional.

Petroncini plant produces a wide range of grinders machines

The maintenance of the aroma and the quality level of the raw material is a decisive factor for obtaining a good final product. This will preserve all its organoleptic properties throughout the processing cycle. During the entire process, the grinding plays a role of primary importance to ensure reproducible production standards, in terms of constancy of particle and the flexibility at the same time, according to the requirements.
The MAIN grinders machines are suitable for small or medium-d industrial companies with production capacity up to 500kg / h.


They feature millstones with different profiles that enable the obtaining all kinds of grain (turkish, espresso, mocha, filter) without overheating the product and preserving quality and organoleptic properties.

The grinders machines rolls Petroncini use materials and next-generation construction technologies, to ensure maximum reliability and easy maintenance during continous production cycles.
The grinders machines MCR series stands out for its extreme strenght of materials and its sharp grinding rolls, thanks to different grinding profiles that allow to obtain the  uniform desired type of particle (turkish, espresso, mocha, filter) without overheating the product and without changing the qualitative and organoleptic properties.

This serie is available in models MCR600 and MCR1000 with rolls from 325mm up to 525mm in length, for capacities up to 1000kg/h.

The grinders machines MCR serie is ideal for medium and large industrial companies with continuous production. In fact, they are equipped with specific devices, such as cooling systems, exhaust systems and homogenization, able to ensure the high quality of the ground product, even after long working cycles.

Our technical know-how relies on values such as tradition and innovation, history and modernity. Our values come together with cutting-edge technologies and allow us to develop the best solution for each customer. This fully enhances the productivity, for SMBs and for large companies. Nowadays our machineries can process from 3,5 kg per hour up to 3,5 tons per hour. / Technology - Technology Web Directory