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Pitter machine food industry

Pigo srl is one of the leading equipment manufacturers in the world and suppliers of freezing systems for the processing of fruit like the pitter machine food industry and plants for the processing of vegetables with extensive experience in both the freezing and processing of fruits and vegetables.

PIGO Food Processing Systems manufactures associated equipment process for the processing of fruit and vegetables and the machines are the main tunnel for freezing fast EASY Freeze, PG 103 pitter machine food industry, calibrating roller with variable pitch PG 062 and PG 182 Conveyor, vibrating separator-.

The company provides and produces various types of installations for the processing of fruit as the pitter machine food industry and provides complete solutions of installations for the processing of fruits and vegetables.

Pigo has set the goal of becoming a force for openness to technological progress and economic consequence in the processing of fruits and vegetables in the country and the world leader in the production of machines for the food processing from its program.

Its strength is its ability to predict the demands of technological processes, quality, safety, standardization and all other areas related to the development for plants for processing of fruits and vegetables.


The pitter machine food industry is designed on elimination of stones from cherries, plums, apricots etc. We are proud of the quality dell`attrezzatura offer because we can guarantee you a percentage of kernels less than 0.05%, with the proper preparation of the fruit.
pitter machine food industry is made entirely of stainless steel and this makes it unique in the market.
Is provided with a special facility for the power supply and the distribution of products, located above the loading hopper.
In place of the conventional mechanical system on elimination of products were the pneumatic system is inserted (together with the high-pressure turbine), without any mechanically moving parts.

PIGO srl is specialized in building freezers:

EASY Freeze
easy freeze spyro
PG103 Pitting machine

Furthermore, we provide complete processing lines and turn-key solutions for fruit and vegetable processing. Production program covers following fields:

EASY Freeze & EASY Freeze SPYRO stainless steel fluidized bed & spriral freezers


EASY Cook Vacuum cooking plants

DEAERATION PLANTS, as preparation for freezing for fruit cubes production Our mission

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