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Compact lines food industry

Lines compact food Series 870 are designed specifically for companies that feel the need of having press lines with capacity from 200 to 500 kg / hour.
compact lines food industryinvolve the use of presses for squeezing series 870 whose construction philosophy is identical to the sisters further series 900 and 980.

compact lines food industryare suitable for press cocoa liquor, hazelnut paste, paste oilseeds and other products where you need to extract fat.
GSR, attentive to new market demands, took up the challenge and created the
compact lines food industry870 reaching the following goals:
- Fast and easy installation
- Great power and flexibility
- Low operating costs, Total Cost Operation
- Standard automation high
- Systems of control of the pressing process advanced
- High efficiency of process
- Residues of fat in the cake by a steady 9.5% to a 35%

Design optimization
Starting dall'omogeneizzatore high-capacity, charge pumps, hydraulic powerful and flexible, 870 press series, belt grinder, scales, drain pump, as well as the structure, the electrical, wiring and technological pipelines; everything is perfectly integrated.
This is the result of advanced research, design and passion on the lines compact food.
Simple and quick to install, only need to be connected to power, steam, air and product to be processed.
The characteristics of hygiene and ergonomics are at the top. The passion and pride to build the best GSR led to these results without compromise.

The priority of the GSR is to ensure that machinery and equipment can work safely, continuously and without interruption.
Presses GSR are shrouded by a transparent cover mounted on a stainless steel frame that totally protects the operator from any risk. The opening can be manual or motorized; both versions are interlocked with a safety system intervenes by blocking comb that each vessel. Only in this case the protection can be opened to safely intervene directly on the press.

A complete range with
compact lines food industrySeries 870 4-6-8 vessels GSR covers a full range in capacity that best suits your needs. All compact food industry is subject to extensive standardization, combined with the quality system, making them a safe and reliable investment. The lines compact food industry are equipped with an intelligent system management that maintains efficient pressing process with high yields in order to obtain the greatest amount of butter and cake in the shortest time. The materials used are of high quality with high mechanical strength and hardness. They are certified for use on every single element of the press. Special profiles have been studied to obtain the maximum mechanical strength and hygiene obtaining low power consumption on the seals of felt rings.
Structural design follows all the canons of verification with the elaborate FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS. The Italian design and the innate ability have made our presses beautiful, compact and ergonomic with a good result.
Technical data

Production capacity: up to 850 kg / h
Specific pressure on the product: 870 kg / cm / Technology - Technology Web Directory