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Belt driers food industry

Belt driers food industryare those devices in which the product is left to dry over a tape generally crossed by hot air.
The tape in continuous motion is contained within a metal structure which permits the necessary aerothermic circuit.
Drying plants based on ETL system are obtained combining the different elements each defined by a particular air circuit.

Usually the models are
- Belt driers food single-belt air recirculation
- Belt driers food simple single belt
- Belt driers food multinastro superimposed

Principle of operation
Belt driers food industry is produced by a flow of hot air that, in the most efficient systems, through the layer of product.
Then the same principle of "fluid bed" with the important difference that, in envi case, there must be no transport, and should be limited to very air velocity.

The product in the early stages is generally very moist and can be treated with high temperatures without being deteriorated.
Subsequently, as the belt towards the drain, there was a reduction of the heat transfer coefficient, as well as a significant reduction in volume and weight of the treated material.

For this reason belt driers food
industryare divided into sections each with a tape progressively slower, so that the height of a layer of the product remains constant, reducing the area required and the cost of the machinery.
Each machine is divided into "zones", each with a different temperature, speed and direction of air.

The production capacity of ETL obviously varies according to the treated product.
In the case of fruit and vegetables you can be considered a value of 15-25 kg / h of evaporated water per m² of tape, with an energy consumption that varies from 900 to 1250 Kcal / Kg of evaporated water.
Belt driers food industry are mainly used in the food industry and the chemical industry.
The material is then typically stainless steel. / Technology - Technology Web Directory