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The company designs and builds fruit processing machines for the production of natural or concentrated puree, clear or cloudy juices, candied fruit and jams.

The first step of the fruit processing machines line is the same for both the fruit puree and juices, then it takes different paths according to the type of final product.

The initial part of the line is composed of:

- Receiving area which includes washing and sorting

- Grinding group for fruit without stones; de-stoning and stones cleaning for fruit with stones

In case of puree production, the mashed fruit (without stones) is pre-heated and sent to the extraction group (pulper) for the separation of the pulp from skin and seeds.

The puree thus obtained is collected in a tank and sent to the aseptic group in order to be filled as natural puree, or to the evaporator in case it needs to be concentrated.

In case of clear juices (from apple, peach, pear) the mashed fruit (without stones) goes through a press for obtaining the cloudy juice, then it passes through few steps as pre-clarification and ultrafiltration in order to obtain the clear juice. The juice then, passing from a falling film evaporator for the concentration, finally arrives to aseptic filler to be packed in bags.

In case of cloudy juice, from citrus or from tropical fruit, after the pulper, according to the consistency achieved, the mashed fruit (without stones) goes through a decanter and/or a centrifuge. Then it’s sent to the evaporator for the concentration and finally arrives to an aseptic filler to be packed in bags.

Fruit processing machines

The line for processing fruit into juices or jams is composed of a pumping station used for extracting the puree from drums into a special collecting tank. The rest of ingredients are obtained in a preparation group for syrup sugar, starches, pectin and micro ingredients. The fruit puree and the other ingredients are mixed all together and pre-heated into a heated blender in order to thereby obtain the final recipe. The final product is then de-aerated, homogenized, pasteurized and finally sent to packaging.

Candied fuit line

Fruit can be candied in a serie of candying tanks, better if under vacuum in order to speed up the process and to obtain a better final product.

Usually the fruit receives a de-salination treatment, then a de-sulfurization: it’s then cooked and colored according to the final product specification, then it’s cutted or punched in order to be ready to the candying process.

The line is completed by a syrups concentration group, ingredients dosage group and mixing equipment.

The company’s today’s activity includes not only the manufacture of machines and complete lines to process fruit and vegetables into semi-finished products, but also process lines for finished products.

Close interaction and experience sharing with its customers have enabled the company to offer always to best technical solution.

The company’s offer includes the following:

Lines for semi-finished products:

  • Tomato processing for the production of all its by-products such as concentrate, pulp, peeled tomatoes and cube tomatoes;

  • Processing of European and tropical fruit, and carrots into natural and concentrated purées, and into clarified or turbid concentrated juices:

  • Vegetables processing lines to produce preserves in any preserving liquid

  • Processing of fruit and vegetables for following deep-freezing or drying

Lines for finished products

  • Production and packaging lines for tomato-based juices and sauces

  • Fruit juice production and packaging lines

  • Jam and marmalade production and packaging lines

  • Candied fruit production and packaging lines

  • Milk and milk by-products (cheese and yogurt) production and packaging lines

  • Air and water pasteurizing and cooling lines for packed ready meals

  • Fluid and spiral deep-freezing plants

The company banks on a team of qualified technicians and technologists who are at the customers’ disposal from the design stage right through the installation, start-up and personnel training.

The company's flexibility guarantees tailored solution upon customer’s requirements / Technology - Technology Web Directory