Via dell’Edilizia, 142 - 36100 Vicenza (VICENZA) (ITALY)

PIGO is specialized in building FREEZERS, FREEZE DRYERS AND CONTINUOULS MULTISTAGE BELT ADIABATIC DRYERS, as well as fruit and vegetable processing equipment, product line which includes a broad range of standard and custom units with an extensive experience in both freezing and fruit & vegetable processing. Together with their partners, their installed their machines throughout the world. Systems have been supplied to companies in Europe, Africa, Australia, USAand Asia by our company and our partners in the industry. Strong internationalization and worldwide market targeting have lead PIGO to endorse and exploit the concept of flexibility in manufacturing of its products

Also PIGO is manufacturing and supplying complete vegetables processing lines, including different kind of washing, grading/sorting, peeling, blanching, cutting and other machines, as preparation of the vegetables for freezing, drying,  canning, or pulp/purea production.

Complete fruits and vegetables processing lines, as preparation for freezing, freeze drying, drying or canning. General basic operations are:

Acceptance, Destalking, Washing, Sorting, Inspection, Grading, Pitting, Blanching, Freezing, Freeze drying, Drying, Packaging


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