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Cherry Pitting Machine/Puncher


The pitting machine/puncher designed for both sweet and sour cherries is a compact machine, which uses a set of punchers to remove the pits from the fruit. The movements of the conveyor belt as well as the Heads (for punching and support) are actuated by the means of Brushless motors controlled by a PLC which keeps them perfectly synchronised. This allows for a standard operation, i.e. two steps at a time, or a single operation which involves one forward movement at a time, and hence permitting to destone and/or repit the same fruit subsequently. The latter is useful to reduce the percentage of pit residue in the fruit to its minimum. The machine is equipped with a touchscreen panel view, which permits to modify the speed, the desired output and pitting type.

The frame of the machine is built entirely using stainless steel, which renders the machine remarkably robust and highly resistant to rusting and thus facilitating cleaning. The components of the machine are interchangeable, and all parts in contact with the fruit are all made of food-grade materials (plastic, aluminium, and stainless steel).

The Cherry Pitting machine Mod. KC-196 offers the highest economic advantage by reducing the number of skilled personnel necessary for adjustments and maintenance operations as well as expenditure on spare parts;

•    Production capacity: about 10000 fruits/min / Technology - Technology Web Directory