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Fruit processing machinery

The fruit processing machinery has a structure in stainless steel and food-approved material.

All components are easily interchangeable, because they are produced to one design on NC-machine. All parts in touch with the fruit are suitable for hygienic and alimentary purposes. Besides, the interior parts of the fruit processing machinery are protected by carters in stainless steel to avoid accidents to the workers who use the fruit processing machinery. Changing the blades it is possible having fruits in different forms and sizes.


The fruit processing machinery processes different fruit and vegetables in the following forms:
Stick 8x8 mm, 10x10 mm, 12x12 mm;
Slices 5 mm , 6 mm , 8 mm , 10 mm;
Segments with and without core up to max 1/24;
Pepper cored and cut in 4, 6, 8 parts;
Pepper forms in 10x10mm. 20x20mm. 30x30 mm;
Potatoes segments;
Zucchini rings, sticks and slices.

The fruit processing machinery is made according to 2006/42/EC regulations and following D.P.R. 459/96.

- High cutting quality
- Very strong machine frame
- Small machine dimensions
- Simple and quick machine maintenance
- Easy sanitization
- Electrical board made according to CEE/IP 65
- Optional: Locking wheels / Technology - Technology Web Directory