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Tropical Food Machinery SRL ( is an international company with headquarter and workshop in Busseto (Parma - Italy), a second headquarter and production center in Pouso Alegre (Brazil), two controlled industries for the processing of tropical fruit in northern Brazil, Flora and Mirca.

The idea of founding a company specialized in tropical fruit processing in the Italian Pianura Padana may seem eccentric, given the local scarcity of tropical products. The reason behind this idea is quite straightforward: Romano Orsi, founder of our company, left Italy for Brazil to apply in one of the world's largest markets the knowledge he gathered over the years working in the Italian processing industry. In 1975 he founded a company producing machines for the industrial processing of tropical fruit, TECNIFOOD, later a solid reference in the sector.
After selling his first company at the end of the eighties he chose to put his knowledge into practice back in Italy and thus consolidated his decades-long experience with Tropical Food Machinery. In 1999 he opened the Brazilian headquarter, to better cover the international demand.

Tropical Food Machinery owes its reputation to the independent design and construction of complete plants for fruit and tomato processing. It also chooses to develop a range of "turn-key" lines, from receiving to filling, with a capacity ranging from 200 kg/h to 20 t/h. Designed for large industry and for small producers and cooperatives, they can cover the market at 360°. The production of both technological poles is tailor-made to suit the customer's needs; the improvements made on the field and are then integrated in the newer projects, thanks also to the teamwork between the employees of the two factories. Tropical Food Machinery deals with the construction and commissioning of the machinery without intermediaries. This verticalization of production guarantees control over quality and unparalleled productive speed, as well as creating a strong sense of community within the company’s workforce.

Another unique feature of Tropical Food Machinery is the direct manufacture of fruit by-products thanks to the company own two facilities, Mirca and Flora. These serve as a valued example to be visited by prospect buyers - as well as a direct test lab for all the new machines, tested in a real industrial condition.

Tropical Food Machinery offers the customer the ability to connect by electronic means and receive assistance remotely for their plant: this way, our “vertical” style includes buyer’s assistance.

Our ethical work choice

Our choice to devote ourselves to smaller market fringes alongside large capability lines, has not only a monetary motivation. Tropical Food Machinery offers a niche production dedicated to the construction and supply of technological systems of low production capacity, meant for small processing companies, farmers, local associations. These realities, with a decidedly contained investment, can propose an artisanal quality production of goods like juices, jams, fruit in syrup.
The steering of small farmers or producers towards cutting-edge technology with a reduced operating price has correspondingly a significant effect on the social fabric: a two-hundred-kilo line already employs several hundred farmers from depressed areas of the world. Encouraged to use their resources and raw materials for the production of refined items, Tropical Food Machinery opens up new markets, as these realities are no longer limited, as for the fresh fruit, to selling products with short Shelf-Life: products no longer usable for the fresh market are effectively put into use reducing food waste and increasing income: this combination has allowed us to support local needs - the reduction of unemployment rate - while educating the younger generation to a new respect of the natural resources of the territory.

Tropical Food Machinery offers the following services:
•    After-Sales: available remote assistance from our offices, pre-organized assistance and on-site maintenance programs carried out by specialized personnel
•    Spare Parts sent directly from our factories or liaison offices
•    Detailed Manuals for easy identification and order of spare parts
•    Technical visits: pre-organized and made by specialized technicians
•    Multi-level Training: provided by our technicians to the local workmanship during on-site assembly operations
•    Pre-agreed post-assembly training updates: to always keep the local personnel up-to-date

Production range includes:
•    Fully automated multi-fruit line for natural or concentrated aseptic juice and filling pre-sterilized bags ranging from 20 to 1000 liters (up from 1 ton/h)
•    Multi-fruit line with manual peeling system and mechanical treatment of the fruit pulp to produce natural juice, jams and canned fruit (up to 200 kg/h)
•    Specific lines for treatment of a single kind of fruit such as bananas, pineapple, passion fruit and other varieties (up from 5 ton/h)
•    Formulation/Filling lines of different output ranges
•    Compact Aroma Recovery systems / Technology - Technology Web Directory