Via dell’Edilizia, 142 - 36100 Vicenza (VICENZA) (ITALY)
Fruit processing lines

PIGO is the world leader in fruit PITTING / DESTONING machines production, and we provide complete lines for processing most types of fruit.

The program of Pigo covers most of the operation in conventional fruit processing such as:
  • In feed equipment – Reception of raw material
  • Air Separation (Separation of light foreign particals such as leaves etc.)
  • Washing
  • Conveyors & Elevators
  • Dewatering equipment
  • Calibrating / Sorting / Grading
  • Destalking / Destemming
  • Pitting / Destoning
  • Cooking
  • Pulping
  • Freezing
  • Deaeration
  • Dehydration

All PIGO equipment and food processing lines are completely made of stainless steel and manufactured to ISO and HACCP food processing industry standards. Painted surfaces are not used because they do not meet these standards.

The success of PIGO machines is the result of precise engineering and manufacturing and many years of industry-driven refinements.


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