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Pick and place unit
Tecno Pack stands for technology, expertise and service in the primary and secondary flow pack and pillow pack packaging sector.

As a market-leading company, Tecno Pack offers solutions that are always specific and designed for each field of application, focusing especially on the food sector.

Tecno Pack provides all the packaging technology required by your company, from small, electronic flow pack packaging machines with manual loading to a complete system that collects products from production and stores them in single or multiple packs, which are then transported to be palletised.
A commercial team consisting of specialised technicians, a resourceful and flexible technical department, in-company production of all mechanical parts, the attentive selection of trade materials, an absolutely excellent production team, and a timely after-sales service available all over the world: these are the features that allow Tecno Pack to offer its customers machines and systems that are always tailor-made and acknowledged as cutting-edge technological innovations by companies such as the Barilla Group, Nestlé, Pavesi, Kraft, Baxter, Chipita, PepsiCo and many others.

High speed, flexibility, modified atmosphere, product shelf life, and global integration of packaging in the company system are just some of the key issues that Tecno Pack tackles on a daily basis with enthusiasm and determination. Thanks to partnerships with its customers, this approach ensures plenty of room for new developments.
Tecno Pack is absolutely confident of being able to develop its own tailor-made solution for your product. Since the very first stages, it focuses both on designing and producing the product with great care.

The company's goal is to achieve technological excellence, in compliance with the needs and developments of your business, therefore achieving your full satisfaction over the years.

Tecno Pack looks forward to working with you and to play a crucial role in ensuring the success of your company.
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