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Strawberry de-calyx machine

Strawberry de-calyx machine Mod. “DF12” is able to de-calyx and cut strawberries in two and four pieces. This innovative strawberry de-calyx machine was developed to reduce manual labor and to handle each strawberry gently to prevent mechanical damage.

All parts of strawberry de-calyx machine in touch with the fruit are suitable for hygienic and alimentary purposes.

The strawberry de-calyx machine has a stainless steel structure and is equipped with a conveyor belt composed of a sequence of fruit holder units on both the sites which move in continuous bringing strawberries to the processing stations.


The strawberry de-calyx machine performs three steps: alignment of strawberries; de-calyx and fruit ejection (corresponding to cutting, if required).

DF12 strawberry de-calyx machine is equipped with:
- Conveyor belt for processed fruits for outfeed product.

Advantages of strawberry de-calyx machine:
- Low waste: 8 – 10%.
- Labor saving.
- High capacity.    
- Easy maintenance and sanitation.
- Quality of the finished product.
- Dry slices, processing no making use of water. / Technology - Technology Web Directory