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Sordi founded in 1881, Sordi has played since its inception a major role in the milk world, position maintained until today thanks to the continuous search for innovative solutions.

The company was one of the first companies in the world to offer the exchange of heat at high temperature for indirect UHT milk, developed and perfected innovative lines for the production of cheese, mascarpone and ricotta cheese, butter and of margarine, such as coagulation boilers. He used his experience and his knowledge to create cutting-edge systems in related fields, such as the production and heat treatment of juices, ice cream, bakery products and confectionery.

The company produce coagulation boilers.
In recent years the Deaf has devoted particular efforts of industry plant soy beverages, rice, and other grains, designing and implementing efficient and flexible lines for the milk extraction, sterilizing plants UHT for the treatment, for the tofu production and for the production of yogurt.

Therefore the Deaf production range includes:

receiving unit and the reconstitution of milk, HTST pasteurization units, ESL indirect, sterilizing plants UHT indirect, production lines and condensed sweetened milk, preparation lines and production breakdown, puddings, ice cream mixes, production lines fermented milk (creamy and compact yoghurt, kefir, Labneh, Laban, etc.) of vegetable cream production lines, lines of preparation of fruit juices and drinks, concentration of lines by means of membranes (MF, UF, RO), production lines soft cheeses , of pressed cheese production lines, of pasta filata cheese production lines, production lines of fresh cheese, ricotta production lines, production lines of "analogue cheese" (cheese from protein concentrates), extraction lines and production vegetable drinks (of soy, rice, oats, etc.)., of tofu production plants (soy cheese), CIP cleaning systems for individual machines and installations.

The coagulation boilers are divided in two type.

The coagulation boilers “CASEUS” is a cylindrical shaped vat, with capacity from 2.000 to 20.000 litres, closed type, with horizontal axis. The vat geometry is characterized by the absence of sharp edges and stagnation points.  

  • A central shaft keeps the cutting and agitation tools in a diametrically opposed position.
  • During the cutting only the knifes are plunged into the curd mass, while during the stirring phase only the paddles are plunged in.
  • The cutting tools have very sharp blades maintaining their characteristics unchanged with time.
  • At the time of the cutting the curd mass is still, reducing the dragging effect (reduction of fats and  production fines in the whey).

The jacket is completely made of stainless steel and enables the passage of pressurized fluids.

The coagulation boilers  ''CASEUS'' is designed for the automatic CIP cleaning, carried out through cleaning heads and duly fit inside the vat.
The structural extreme simplicity ensures a great reliability and easy maintenance, while the vat’s geometry, its position and structure of the cutting and stirring tools ensure maximum yielding and usage flexibility.

With respect to the standard ''CASEUS'', the ''AS'' model includes a filter with automatic input and a whey extraction filter with controlled descent and wide pierced surface to ensure a high extraction capacity and a minimum risk of clogging.

The coagulation boilers  ''POLISOFT'' cheese vat capacity is from 1.000 to 10.000 litres.
The vat’s geometry is characterized by the absence of sharp edges and stagnation points, to comply with the most advanced standards of the food industry.

The vat is completely manufactured in stainless steel.

Curd cutting and stirring tools

One of the ''POLISOFT'' special features is the presence of 2 indipendent cutting systems, the first of which is longitudinal and the second one is transversal:

  • Transversal cut: a central shaft keeps the cutting and stirring tools in diametrically opposed positions
  • Longitudinal cut: based on blade cutting tools that move in a longitudinal direction along all the length of the ''POLISOFT'' vat / Technology - Technology Web Directory