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Boilers food industry

Condensing technology allows the use of diesel fuel in the name efficiency and saving in boilers food industry

The reserves of diesel fuel are running out;
it is estimated to be sufficient to meet the needs of the next 40 years or so, considering the development of consumption in the coming decades.

E 'key and then use this fuel efficient boilers food industry. The modern condensing technology is the right solution in this sense, since it allows to reach an efficiency of 98%.

Boilers food industry oil condensing Viessmann are already predisposed to the use of fuels from renewable sources, such as biodiesel.

Condensing technology

Boilers food industry oil condensing Viessmann ensure maximum utilization of energy. To get additional heat from the gas heated heat exchangers are used exclusively in stainless steel.

The heat exchanger Inox-Radial fact allows an optimum utilization of condensing technology.

The use of materials of excellent quality guarantees the corrosion resistance, regardless of the quality of gas oil used.

The smooth surfaces of stainless steel prevent the formation of deposits.

In addition, the vertical arrangement of the heat transfer surfaces and circulation of the exhaust gases favor the self-cleaning effect of the surfaces of boilers food industry. / Technology - Technology Web Directory