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Energy Recovery food industry

With a speech at the plant Parmalat S. Maria di Zevio (VR) INTERESCO, Heat & Power Group company dedicated to the energy recovery food industry in industrial processes, it allows considerable savings on their energy bills by improving efficiency by recovering heat from flue gases .


The plant, one of nine in Italy's Parmalat, the Lactalis Group, is dedicated to the production of long-life milk and yoghurt. The raw material, fresh milk, is subjected to a thermal process at high temperature (UHT) for the production of long-life milk In a separate line, fresh milk is heated at a lower temperature for the fear necessary for the manufacturers of lactic ferments yogurt to act.


The high temperature heating is effected by water vapor in a closed circuit with reintegration. The steam generator produces steam at a rate of 12 tons / hour with a peak power of 830 kW and 460 kW during average operation.


In September 2011 INTERESCO intervened in the steam generator plant. During two months of work, consisting of testing and trial production, the company has installed a special heat exchanger for energy recovery food industry, by which thermal energy is recovered, which is used to pre-heat demineralised water. The demineralized water is used for production processes and service getter. The degassing is a physical or chemical process through which the gases are eliminated and the uncondensable present in the water vapor condensed so as to make it more stable.


In addition to the UHT process, the steam is also used for the sanitation of the system (containers, tubes, etc.).


The sending of high temperature water in the generator results in a saving interesting in gas consumption, and is a typical intervention of INTERESCO in all those industries in which there are processes that make use of boilers and steam generators. In the case of Parmalat, the waste heat energy annually reaches 870 MW / h, which is valued at € 0.04 per kW / h for a total of nearly 35,000 Euros saved each year for the gas bill.


The cost of the project is partly covered by the proceeds of the Energy Efficiency Certificates (White Certificates), a practice which runs completely INTERESCO with GSE.


"The intervention in Parmalat is the classic type of the way we operate - Matthew says Cai, CEO of INTERESCO. Wherever there is a steam generator industrial, extract energy from the flue gases allows energy recovery food industry. How much energy can be recovered and whether it is convenient and that scale is a matter of experience and knowledge of what technology offers. After years of projects we can say that even small plants are interesting. In Italy there is still much room for this type of interventions. "

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