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VICO-screen for the Biogas industry

Costacurta S.p.A.-VICO is an Italian company specialized in the design and manufacture of metal components for the food industry, selling its products worldwide.

Located in Milan, with two production factories in the province of Lecco, Costacurta has an extensive experience of over 95 years in the Made in Italy industry.

Since 1921 the company has been constantly evolving in order to be competitive in national and international markets.

Today, Costacurta operates in a number of application sectors, remaining faithful to the values and mission that identify this brand.

The company's entire product portfolio originates from wire and plates and consists of:

• Filtering elements
• Conveyor belts

• Products for Oil & Gas, chemical and petrochemical sectors

VICO-screen for the Biogas sector

Costacurta VICO-Screens® are suitable for retaining materials, filtering and sieving.The countless applications mainly include the following sectors: petrochemical, pharmaceutical, water treatment and food processing.

Thanks to their specific mechanical and construction characteristics, which ensure a high product resistance, VICO-Screens® for the biogas sector can be considered in some cases a more performing alternative than the metal sheets and perforated plates, depending on the client's needs.

VICO-Screens® are made by winding a continuous V-sectioned extruded wire helicoidally onto support rods. This type of section prevents the clogging of the filtering light, facilitating an effective separation of the solid elements (even smaller than one millimetre diameter) from the liquids, both in rough and fine filtration processes, thanks to the wide range of filtering lights available.

In the biogas sector, VICO-screens® play a fundamental role in the disposal and reuse of waste resulting from the production process.

Biogas is produced from the natural fermentation of sewage and other organic substances within reinforced concrete tanks with the addition of specific bacteria that helps fermentation.

Once the gas has been produced, the inorganic matter that remains at the end of the process (called digestate) is treated inside one or more screw separators. Inside these separators, the digestate is compressed by the screw as it passes through a conical filtering sieve with longitudinal slots.

While the screw conveys the solid material out of the machine, the liquid material flows into the body of the separator through the longitudinal slots.

The solid material is usually used as a fertiliser or animal bedding, while the liquids can be used for fertigation.

The VICO-Screen® filtering sieve is a high-quality wedge wire screen. It is made of stainless steel, which doesn't require special maintenance. The arrangement of the openings reduces the risk of clogging, and thanks to the high open areas filtration occurs efficiently even at high capacity. Costacurta can supply it as a finished cylinder, manufactured according to the client's requests.

For other applications, VICO-Screens® can also be supplied in the form of flat panels, and can be made with wires and supports of different shapes, s and materials, in order to resist different temperatures, pressures and corrosive or abrasive actions.

Malt factories, breweries and distilleries can use Costacurta VICO-Screen® both during fermentation and in the clarification and filtration process. The filtering lights (which start from a minimum of 30 µm) are suitable for different production purposes, both for small plants and for industrial-scale productions. / Technology - Technology Web Directory