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Cogeneration food industry

Cogeneration food industry for the production of electrical and thermal energy.

A group of cogeneration food industry gas powered cogeneration produces both electricity and heat.
It 'a product suitable for use in apartment buildings, sports and shopping.
As regards the production of thermal energy, the cogeneration food industry works in conjunction with a boiler: both heat generators are connected to the system and ensure heat the heating water and the domestic water.

At the base of the cogeneration food industry Vitobloc 200 there is the idea of decentralized energy production: These compact units are able to produce electricity to meet the needs of users and at the same time the heat produced is used for heating without dispersion.
The unused electricity is fed into the national grid.

The overall efficiency of a cogeneration food industry may reach 96%.

The cogeneration food industry l Vitobloc 200 EM 20/39 achieves a degree of thermal efficiency exceeding 62% and a degree of electrical efficiency beyond 32%. / Technology - Technology Web Directory