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Industrial heat generators

ICI CALDAIE is a company with over 50 years of history and experience in energy management and industrial heat generators.

ICI Caldaie produces a wide range of  inustrial heat generators.


The industrial Heat generators  are thermal machines that employ the heat of exhaust gases to produce hot water, superheated water or steam.

Traditional recovery boilers do not have a furnace, as the water inside them is not heated up with a burner, but just with the heat of fumes
conveyed in them. This process allows most of the thermal energy to be recovered that was, before, dissipated in the furnace. This places
recovery boilers among the most advanced tools to increase the energy efficiency of a system.


It was established in 1958 as a manufacturing company for the production of steel boilers with a high content of water for industrial processes. This is a sector in which it currently holds a worldwide leadership position by providing medium and high power generators for the production of high efficiency energy in the residential and industrial sectors.

Experience gained over the years in the industry, has allowed the company to transfer the know-how in the design and manufacture of industrial steam boilers to that of boilers for residential and commercial markets, with particular specialization in the construction of centralized systems.

Armed with this rare competence, ICI CALDAIE decided to focus on the international market, undertaking the process that led to the attainment of the international certification ISO 9001/94 and ISO 9002 in 2003 and established itself as a leading company in the international arena.

The concept of "high-technology heat" that has always guided the company, has now started to materialize with the management of heat generation systems and a new philosophy that puts customer satisfaction at the centre of the company. In this regard, ICI CALDAIE combines the supply of high quality products and innovation with the best service, accompanying the Client in the choice of the most suitable system for the maintenance, management and control of the system, guaranteeing the best performance and highest energy savings during use.

It is a time of great innovation for ICI CALDAIE which has enriched its product range by introducing satellite modules able to make the user autonomous and at the same time allow significant savings in terms of efficiency compared to traditional boilers.

Market entry of new products and services is combined with another challenge, the design and development of hardware and software for intelligent system management. In 2009, eterm™ was created, an electronic management system for maximum efficiency and responsible use of energy in heat generating systems, including integrated systems.

Today ICI CALDAIE is a benchmark for companies operating in the sector of steam generators for industrial processes and heating. The pioneering and innovative spirit that distinguishes it, still pushes the company to invest in the research and development of projects that aim at creating new energy systems with low environmental impact, exploring new applications, new technologies and alternative energy sources. Among the latter, great resources are being invested in heat production from hydrogen for the residential market, with technology that can enable multifamily units to be self-sufficient in terms of energy production, reduce emissions to zero and sell the excess energy on the network.

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