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P.E. LABELLERS – FARCHIONI OLII: una colaboración 100 % italiana
22/03/2016 13:57:42
Farchioni olii S.p.A., uno de los principales productores italianos de productos alimentarios típicos de Umbría -aceite, vino y harina- ha decidido apostar por un colaborador independiente y flexible, que suministra etiquetadoras autoadhesivas o de cola en frío para formatos de vidrio y PET en el sector del aceite de oliva. La solución adoptada por la…
ALTECH solutions for labelling beer bottles
28/04/2016 9:51:44
Self-adhesive labelling lends itself to the primary decoration of beer bottles, but also to the addition of supplementary information to already-labelled bottles exported to countries which require this. A system based on an ALline C in-line labeller, for example (first figure), is designed for the application of the body label (with lot and expiry date…
26/04/2016 14:20:09
AZ Surgelati Spa – COMPANY SALE View details on – auction 1183 Bankruptcy n.22/2015 – Court of Santa Maria Capua Vetere Sale of company AZ SURGELATI S.p.A. in liquidation having as company object the production, quick-freezing and packaging of pizza, located in Agglomerato Industriale San Marco – 81100 – Marcianise (CE). The assets include:…
Labelling machines for industry
15/04/2016 13:46:13
LABELLING MACHINES FOR INDUSTRY Since 1991 ALTECH – Advanced Labelling Technologies – engineers, manufactures and distributes labelling machines for industry and material identification, by means of self-adhesive or linerless labels, and sleeves. Its range encompasses the following products: the self-adhesive  ALstep  (low-cost) and  ALritma  (hi-tech) labelling heads, the  ALline  in-line labelling machines for industry suitable… / Technology - Technology Web Directory