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News da itfoodonlineblog
28/01/2015 09:29:36
Cette année, la société P.E. LABELLERS participera pour la toute première fois au salon ANUGA FOOD TEC 2015 qui se tiendra à Cologne du 24 au 27 mars. Le secteur alimentaire est l’un des trois marchés les plus importants pour P.E. LABELLERS, qui fournit tant de petites étiqueteuses à l’industrie de la conserverie de haute…
Occasion used: Carbonated beverages complete plant (Super Thermax Boilers)
30/01/2015 08:49:07
Occasion used: Carbonated beverages complete plant (Super Thermax Boilers)                                                                         Details of the plant machinery are as given below; Equipment…
Jeff Maree: How to Ensure Your Food Safety Audit Goes Well
29/01/2015 08:25:55
President Barack Obama scored what many consider to be a huge step toward assuring the quality of our nation’s food supply when he signed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) into law. Initiated as a response to a slew of foodborne illnesses reported in the decade before, the legislation…
SMI GROUP: Increasingly compact end of line with SMI Packbloc Neo
28/01/2015 15:04:00
The efficiency of a bottling and packaging plant whose daily output reaches millions of bottles depends also on end-of-line operations which need to be perfectly synchronized one another. Smipal, that is SMI division specialized in the production of automatic palletizing systems, offers reliable cutting-edge solutions like the APS P series, the evolution of the APS…
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