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MODERN BAKERY MOSCOW: Больше чем хлебопечение
23.01.2015 16:30:17
Modern Bakery Moscow Больше чем хлебопечение За более чем двадцатилетнюю историю проведения Modern Bakery Moscow успела зарекомендовать себя как ведущая международная специализированная выставка для хлебопекарного и кондитерского рынка России и стран ближнего зарубежья. Отметив в прошлом году двадцатилетний юбилей, в 2015 Modern Bakery Moscow пройдет в 21 раз с 22 по 24 апреля на традиционной…
Watlow’s SERIES ‘F’ Flange Immersion Heaters Now Approved to India’s Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organization’s (PESO) Petroleum Rules, 2002
26.01.2015 14:51:04
Watlow®, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of complete thermal systems, is pleased to announce that its SERIES ‘F’ flange immersion heaters are now certified to India’s Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organization’s (PESO) Petroleum Rules, 2002. PESO is a regulatory body formed by the government of India that regulates the manufacture, import, export,…
MG2: KARTOS I/100, the first MG2 cartoner is built in the pursuit of flexibility
26.01.2015 14:36:26
MG2, leader in the design and marketing of capsule fillers and end-of-line automatic machines, recently introduced on the market the cartoner mod. KARTOS I/100. Featuring intermittent movements and the possibility to handle a wide range of sizes, the new MG2 machine also guarantees perfect integration on different line layouts. MG2 has always aimed to offer…
BELT TECHNOLOGIES: Metal Belts, Pulleys and Conveyor Systems
26.01.2015 10:41:32
Belt Technologies has been manufacturing metal belts, pulleys and conveyor systems for over fifty years! We’ve been helping engineers design continuous metal belts and conveyor systems for wide ranging applications in food processing, aerospace, medical equipment, electronics, solar panel manufacturing, tobacco, automation and material handling. With excellent cold and heat transfer properties metal belts are… / Technology - Technology Web Directory