Bread, pasta and confectionery packaging machines


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IFFA 2016 schließt mit Rekordwerten
13.05.2016 14:44:48
IFFA 2016 schließt mit Rekordwerten: mehr Aussteller, mehr Besucher und höhere Internationalität mit rund 66 Prozent Besucher und Aussteller zeigen sich außerordentlich zufrieden IFFA als Weltleitmesse ihrer Branche bestätigt Die IFFA, die Nr. 1 der Fleischwirtschaft, schließt nach sechs erfolgreichen Messetagen ihre Tore. Über 63.000 Besucher aus 143 Ländern besuchten vom 7. bis 12. Mai…
13.05.2016 16:00:09
AZ Surgelati Spa – COMPANY SALE View details on – auction 1183 Bankruptcy n.22/2015 – Court of Santa Maria Capua Vetere Sale of company AZ SURGELATI S.p.A. in liquidation having as company object the production, quick-freezing and packaging of pizza, located in Agglomerato Industriale San Marco – 81100 – Marcianise (CE). The assets include:…
Mini Motor: Quality, precision and efficiency!
12.05.2016 11:04:23
QUALITY PRECISION EFFICIENCY: “ENDLESS” VALUES. Mini Motor designs and manufactures all of its products and their components in-house: motor, reduction unit and electronics. This manufacturing choice is a guarantee of prime build quality, absolute operating precision and superior efficiency with better performance and lower consumption. Mini Motor will continue to build its future and the…
Components, systems and solutions for flexible automation and machine safety
06.05.2016 14:51:44
Turning our customer’s needs into standard production: this is the mission of BettSistemi, a manufacturing company based in the heart of the Packaging Valley, home to world leading manufacturers of packaging and bottling machinery, as well as cradle and drive for the best innovations in the industry. The ideal location to play an active role… / Technology - Technology Web Directory