Cama group, international leader in secondary packaging systems


Cama Group is an international leader in the engineering and production of high technology secondary packaging systems.

Cama’s packaging knowledge combined with a unique machine range (Packaging Division) and robotic loading units (Robotic Division), highlights its capability to offer completely integrated packaging lines from primary packages up to final packaging ready for palletising.

Cama works across Food (Bakery, Confectionery, Coffee, Ice Cream, Dairy, Ready Meals, Grocery), Pet Food and Non Food industries.

For further information, please contact Mr. Ahmed Mohamed, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Sales Director, reachable at Cama headquarters in Italy.

Our Products

Packaging Lines and Systems

Packaging Machines

Forming, Closing and Lidding Machines for boxes, trays and RSC cases

Case Packing Machines for RSC cases, wrap-around style case and display-box

Carton Sleeving Machines for packaging of single or multiple products

Intermittent and continuous motion Horizontal Cartoning Machines

Robotics – Top Loading Solutions

Multi Purpose Loading Units

Monoblock Loading Units for loading, forming, closing and lidding

Vision Guided Robotic Loading Units

a brilliant example of a complete Turnkey System for Ice Cream packaging
A fully integrated line to pack ice creams into cartons: Forming + Loading + Closing machines.
CL175. A New Side Loading Concept. Flexible Pitchless Cartoner for all.
Maximum flexibility and efficiency: this System is designed to meet the expectations of customers looking for a solution capable of attaining rapid changeover to different speeds, product sizes and at times relevant product variations and carton dimensions. This is not simply a New Cartoner, but a COMPLETE SYSTEM which can be an alternative to a Cartoner and a Top Loading Unit.
IF 316. Compact Monoblock Robotic Loading Unit
Flexible packaging system with: integrated box forming; loading and closing all in one frame; no hollow body structure; soft touch buttons; off-the-shelves electronics; PLC less technology and external cabinet free (integrated in the machine frame). The use of a Cama Triaflex “Delta Style Robot” as a loading unit, widens the standard configurations usually used for monoblock units equipped with 2-axis robots. Accurate carton handling. Improved ergonomics and accessibility.
IG270. the innovative Top Loading Unit with Co-Flow loading and Anti-Collision patented Softwares
State of the art loading unit equipped with 12 Delta type robots that work together in a compact framework (just 5 mt. length) according to a patented highly sophisticated Co-Flow loading principle. The patented anti-collision software enables the robots to work very close to each other, sharing the same picking area without interfering. One single artificial camera drives all the 12 robots.

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