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Cavanna Packaging was founded in 1960 by Mario Cavanna, the company supplied it’s first packaging line in Iran in 1970 and represents an historic brand in this area.

Nowadays, the scope of Cavanna’s supply has been greatly extended and diversified, in addition to the traditional portfolio of packaging lines, it has been developed a line dedicated to robotic’s in all its different applications, both for managing “naked” products both for packed products. This has enabled Cavanna to become one of the worldwide leaders capable of offering sophisticated technology and “turnkey installations”.

The Cavanna Group includes four manufacturing plants: the headquarters in Prato Sesia (Italy), Mappano plant in Italy, San Paolo plant in Brazil and the Duluth plant in the U.S.A.

We also have several hubs for Service and Spare Parts management, including 48 agencies supporting customer needs worldwide.

Cavanna packaging lines are able to meet every requirement from “user friendly” lines with simple manual loading, to mid-rangelines with semi-automatic loading, up to fully automatic loading where manual intervention is reduced to the minimum and the use of technology is at maximum level.

Mechanical high-precision, electronical latest generation, dedication to achieving the set targets, trained and professional staff in every department, contribute to obtain a high efficiency and high performance products.

The Company is focused on being the leading name in the Iranian market, despite recent years of international suffering, the country is in a position to make a considerable potential for companies and trained human resource, in order to become a leader in the region.

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