Creative cuisine workshop

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New ideas to interpret customers’ needs that fulfil the demands of a public that is increasingly attentive to quality and the flavors of the moment

The passion that has accompanied L’Insalata dell’Orto right since its foundation and the constant trend focusing on innovation has enabled us to go even further by making the most of consumers’ creativity and culinary experience, by proposing modern, IVrange products that can be used as they are or revisited as required.

The new “Tisane dell’Orto”, “Condimento al momento” and “Spaghetti di verdure” product lines rightfully enter through the main door of every kitchen, as a valid help and to inspire everyone’s culinary flair.

Alongside the classic I and IV product range that has, by now, become well established and recognised by the primary players of the Largescale retail sector both in Italy and abroad, L’Insalata dell’Orto is proud to present “THE CREATIVE CUISINE WORKSHOP”, a culinary idea incubator that has a positive impact on the creation of products that encourage the experimentation of tastes and needs.

OUR COMPANY L’Insalata dell’Orto was founded based on the combination of passion with an idea.

The passion for the land, that for generations has driven our family to devote itself to the cultivation of vegetables.

The idea refers to the one we had in 1990 that has led us to extend our production to the cultivation of greenhouse crops and to devote ourselves to the production, processing and packaging of IV range products.

After taking this first step, as a natural evolution of the business, L’Insalata dell’Orto Srl was established in 2000.

A company that we immediately wanted to be absolutely impeccable in terms of compliance with regulations and legislation in general, with both a tasteful corporate image reflecting its strong bond with its territory of origin: from this latter, we have gradually broadened our customer portfolio, starting from the Veneto region, up to covering Italy as a whole then moving overseas, and orienting our products to fulfil the requirements of the large scale retail, hypermarket and supermarket chains, collective and commercial catering sectors.


L’Insalata dell’Orto boasts the achievement of significant qualitative targets: IFS and BRC certifications relating to the packaging of I and IV range ORGANICALLY GROWN PRODUCTS, the ISO 22005:2008 certification regarding traceability CREATIVE CUISINE WORKSHOP New ideas to interpret customers’ needs that fulfil the demands of a public that is increasingly attentive to quality and the flavours of the moment INSALATA DELL’ORTO FP 1 19.indd 3 17/01/19 11:15 MACHINERY  PACKAGING LINES LOGISTICS SPECIAL FRUIT VEGETABLE INDUSTRY in the feed and food chain as well as the VEGANOK ethical certification.

THE PRODUCTS We propose adult and baby salad greens as well as vegetables, to be eaten raw or to be cooked, with weight options to suit the requirements of all family types, from the single customer to large communities.

In addition to the wide variety of ingredients, we also provide a vast selection of packages: maxi or single portion bags, filmsealed and flow pack trays, heat sealed bowls, polypropylene or polystyrene boxes that ensure the most suitable method of preservation for each product assortment.


Regional French dairy producer Duo Lozère has selected RPC Bebo Bouxwiller to supply the packaging for the company’s high quality organic yogurts and fromage blanc.

The stylish 125cc thermoformed polypropylene pots are lightweight and easy to handle, combining consumer convenience and ease of use with effective product protection and presentation. Newly designed graphics, offset printed in a variety of different colors, distinguish the different products in the range and create maximum impact on shelf. Established in 2008 and based near Mende in Lozère, Duo Lozère’s products feature locally sourced cow’s and sheep’s milk where the altitude of the pastures (around 1,000m above sea level) gives the milk a remarkable quality. They are available both in the local region and also nationally through selected distribution channels.

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