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Gulfood Manufacturing represents the region’s biggest Food and Beverage processing industry event, where more than 1.600 global suppliers of processing, packaging and logistics solutions will be present. CFT Group will obviously be part of the show in 2018 with a 150 sqm exhibition space, exhibiting three of its latest innovations. The first one is a shrinkwrappers tray packer, manufactured by our dedicated brand PKS, offering premium Secondary Packaging solutions. PKS joined CFT Group in May 2018 and, thanks to its strong know-how, the Group is now able to provide a full range of solutions such as wraparounds, shrinkwrappers and combi, part of CFT GROUP complete end-of-line division, featuring complete turnkey systems thanks to its palletizing/depalletizing as well as pick & place solutions. Our shrinkwappers tray packers’ range, named ENA series, features different speed, depending on the customers’ specific requirements; if the packaging is with film only the speed will be of up to 300 packs per minute; otherwise if the packaging consists in tray, plate and film, or tray and film, the speed will reach up to 100 trays per minute.
PKS also recently launched its new IBER combi, featuring an extremely fast change over, taking place in less than 5 minutes just by pushing on a button: high flexibility and with no need of later adjustments. The second machine showcased at Gulfood Manufacturing 2018 is a SKID MONOBLOCK: a premium sterilizer provided by CFT Group’s first brand, Rossi e Catelli, able to sterilize a wide range of food and liquid food products, allowing to maintain the natural properties and organoleptic characteristics of the raw ingredients. This new aseptic line series has been designed to meet the market needs by offering maximum flexibility. The innovation lies in being able to supply a pre-assembled turn-key solution requiring much less floor space, with fast commissioning and reduced investment and running costs. 30 years of applications in many different fields is the guarantee of having perfect aseptic conditions, as well as the perfect conservation of the product’s integrity. Last but not least, our brand Raytec Vision, among the leaders in Sorting equipment, will unveil one of its latest innovative x-ray machines: Dryce, an optical sorting machine with high resolution cameras specifically engineered to examine the product by using the “free fall double side view”, a system analyzing 100% of the surface of each product piece (both iced and dried ones).Gulfood Manufacturing will be indeed the perfect place for CFT Group to discuss about the latest market trends and highlight the most recent technological goals achieved this year! Do not miss one of the most important events of 2018: we will be waiting for you at HALL 6, BOOTH B6-28.

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