High-quality products deserve high-quality packaging. SMI solutions for Trentofrutta

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Enchanting places, smells and flavours
This is not a fairy tale! Such a place does exist: it is the most northern region of Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige, which, framed by the beautiful Dolomite mountains and surrounded by lush valleys full of fruit, is famous for its production of apples and, thanks to its varied climate, kiwis, cherries, plums, nuts, and other small fruits and vegetables. When first tasting the produce of Trentino, you begin a delicious journey through a never ending variety of mountain flavours and aromas. One of the more renowned companies in the local agricultural food sector is Trentofrutta, a company in Trentino. They been processing, producing, packaging and marketing large quantities of top quality fruits and vegetables for over 50 years, using state-of-the-art systems and technologies capable of preserving the quality and flavours of the freshly picked produce.

From the tree to the jar
The use of modern production technologies allows the fruit and vegetables processed by Trentofrutta to maintain the quality and taste that has been appreciated by consumers over time. Among the more innovative systems, used within the Trentino company, are the automatic secondary packaging machines provided by SMI. These were designed to ensure high levels of production efficiency with a wide range of packaging solutions that meet the most stringent quality and purity parameters. The ultra-modern bottling and packaging line at Trentofrutta makes it possible to fill almost 30,000 jars of baby food per hour, immediately after the fruit has been processed, thereby achieving a sustainable “from the tree to the jar” production process.

High-quality products deserve high-quality packaging
TrentoFrutta is one of the leading Italian and European manufacturers of semi-finished products in the fruit and vegetable sector, which are either marketed all over the world or packaged as private label juices, nectars, fruit-based drinks, jams and baby food. To meet the diverse needs of consumers, the Trento based company packages its products, in a wide range of different containers and packaging.

SMI solutions for Trentofrutta
To automate and optimize its end-of-line secondary packaging process, Trentofrutta turned to SMI, which has over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of high-speed automatic packers. All of which are equipped with the latest technology in terms of automation processes and extreme flexibility of use.
For this facility, SMI formulated a logistics solution that enhances the strengths of the machines, created by integrating features and versatility; this integration resulted in a system for the end-of-line secondary packaging, that allows Trentofrutta to exploit the potential of each individual SMI machine installed, modulating its production according to packaging requirements using cardboard sleeve, shrink film, tray + film and tray-only loose containers or ready-made packs to create convenient “pack-in-pack” configurations.

MP 300 PACKER – output up to 300 packs/minute
The MP series of packers, packs a wide range of containers in a number of different configurations, in order to respond effectively to the ever changing, present and future needs of end consumers. The continuous-cycle packaging system ensures a smooth production process, without any jerky movements, so as to protect the containers from jolts and impacts and ensuring the integrity of the product, greater pack quality and less mechanical wear to the machine components. The hot glue bottom, closing system of the pack, ensures precise and lasting closure and offers the possibility to use different types of cardboard. The SMI MP series packers are the ideal solution to create attractively designed packs with a strong visual impact, capable of attracting consumers’ attention; moreover, the cardboard packages are extremely impact resistant and easy to handle, open and store.
The DV 500 model is a continuous-motion divider, its smooth operation is ensured by the control of product availability at the machine input which automatically restricts the speed of work, and by the machine stop device.
Packages leaving the MP 300 packer in cardboard, are conveyed to the machine for tray + film or film-only re-packaging, ensuring a smooth and continuous packaging process.

SK 802T SHRINK-WRAPPER – processes up to 70 + 70 packs/minute
The automatic packer is equipped with an electronic separator, automatic format changeover, reel-lifting trolley, and a centering device for printing on film. The machines of the SK series are the ideal solution for the quick switching of pack collations, alternating between double- and single-lane packaging production. The machine is also equipped with the optional “Easy-load” device, an automatic cardboard blank loading system comprising a series of conveyor belts with motorized belts which supply the packer’s cardboard blank magazine.
The movement of the cardboard blanks on the conveyors and their loading into the machine’s storage unit are handled and controlled by the automation system to optimize production efficiency. The Easy-load device is therefore, the ideal solution for packaging many different types of containers in various pack collations, and for the quick change between configurations.

Additionally, the ergonomic design of the system allows the operator to easily load the stacks of cardboard blanks onto the feeding belts of the blank magazine situated externally to the machine at a convenient height for this operation.


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