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DETECTRONIC is a privately owned company with production facilities based in Denmark. We develop, manufacture and market industrial food inspection systems – including metal detectors, check-weighing systems, multi check systems, X-Ray systems as well as grading and sorting solutions. We have experienced rapid growth and expansion over the last decade. Today, we are present on all continents in the World, which enables us to provide prompt and effective services to meet the requirements of our customers globally.

High Quality Solutions

DETECTRONIC has been producing metal detectors since the mid 80`s and a vast majority of the first produced machines are still fully operating almost 30 years later. This underlines our high quality and the great craftsmanship which DETECTRONIC delivers year after year.

DETECTRONIC metal detectors are supplied in glass blown stainless steel.

The machines are easy to clean and fulfil all the demands set by today’s food industry. The modern micro process controlling system and the newly developed Super Sensitive detecting

system makes the DETECTRONIC metal detectors among the most sensitive and effective machines on the market.

Also precision and speed is a benchmark for Detectronic check weighers, with speeds up to 260 pcs/min and a precision of 0,2 gram they are among the fastest and most effective ion the market. Due to its rational and cost effective construction, the machine has also proven ultra competitive with a very high performance/cost ratio.

Providing Higher Standards for Food Safety

Working with the food processing industry means having to deal with foreign objects such as bones and metal that can be introduced into the product during processing; such foreign materials can act as choking hazards that can endanger the consumers.

Cutting tools used during processing, such as knives, can also find their way into the final product, and are some of the most dangerous contaminants for the products. We aim to help our customers provide higher standards for food safety.

Strong partnership

We care about our customers’ food responsibility – and therefore we are very passionate bout providing our customers with the best quality solutions within industrial food inspection

systems. We believe that strong innovation starts by forming strong partnerships with our customers. Our history proves, and we will continue to keep an eye on the future and provide innovative solutions for our customers that reach into the next decade.

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