OCME launches the “OCME EVENTS”, with a first Seminar dedicated to Lube Oil

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With a large part of its business dedicated to Lube oil, OCME is a key reference for the design and supply of complete filling lines that work with great efficiency and respect for the environment by reducing waste.

OCME launches its first seminar in Africa under the auspices of Lupan (Lubricant Producers Association of Nigeria). The underlying theme of the whole event will be: the “Sustainability and Productivity in the Lube Packaging” and will take place in Nigeria at the Sheraton Hotel Ikeja in Lagos, on Thursday 4th February 2016 from 9:30 am to 02:30 pm

Germain Armah, OCME Sales Area Manager for West Africa explains in detail:

Firstly, can you give us more visibility on the Nigerian market?

“After studying the Lubricants market in Nigeria and its environs, OCME sees great opportunities and prospects. Nigeria has over 42 locally registered Lubricant manufacturers and it has many experts in the sector, making it a great opportunity to share experiences and knowledge.

The conference aims to: introduce and build understanding of OCME’s new filling solutions and technology to enhance quality and production efficiency. Also, to raise awareness of our local support team who are there to maintain and service our machines installed in West Africa.”

What is the programm of the seminar?

“The event will focus on the geographic areas of Africa, India and the Middle East, with the intervention of OCME’s Sales Area Manager and Region Manager,, plus industry experts such as Jacob Omodunni, CEO of Propack Ltd.

The participation to the seminar is open to two persons from all the Lubricants Manufactures. OCME believes the event will help to create opportunities to work with these companies and to share the experience acquired after so many years in the Lube industry.”

The first OCME SEMINAR is just the beginning of a long serie of events, information on which will follow soon.

Laura Léglise, OCME Marketing & Communication Manager, introduces the news about 2016 with the launch of the “OCME EVENTS” and explains the objectives:

The events in 2016 will be characterized not only by the trade fairs but our experts will also be protagonist in various conferences and most of all, the “OCME EVENTS“. A serie of events organized in different countries, 100% OCME branded, aiming at raising awareness on the market trends and business opportunities, thanks to the presence of great experts having the very same goal: share knowledge and experience. These events will address different issues depending on the market trends of the area where they take place. “

In 2016, there will be more Open House, Seminars and Awards in which we will participate, compared to 2015, do not miss the events at the fair:

  • PROPAK VIETNAM, Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam from 01/03/16 to 03/03/16
  • LOGIMAT, Stuttgart – Germany from 08/03/16 to 10/03/16
  • TISSUE WORLD, New Orleans – USA from 14/03/16 to 17/03/16
  • PROPAK AFRICA, Johannesburg – South Africa from 15/03/16 to 18/03/16
  • IRAN FOOD + BEV TEC, Tehran – Iran dal 30/05/16 al 02/06/16
  • CEMAT, Hannover – Germany from 31/05/16 to 03/06/16
  • FISPAL, San Paolo – Brazil from 14/06/16 to 17/06/16
  • PROPAK ASIA, Bangkok -Thailand from 15/06/16 to 18/06/15
  • PROPAK CHINA, Shanghai – China from 13/07/16 to 15/07/16
  • CHINA BREW & BEVERAGE, Shanghai – China from 11/10/16 to 14/10/16
  • MIAC, Lucca – Italy from 12/10/16 to 14/10/16
  • ALLPACK, Jakarta – Indonesia from 12/10/16 to 15/10/16
  • PACK EXPO INTERNATIONAL, Chicago – USA from 06/11/16 to 09/11/16
  • GULFOOD MANUFACTURING, Dubai – E.A.U from 07/11/16 to 09/11/16
  • BRAU BEVIALE, Nuremberg – Germany from 08/11/16 to 10/11/16
  • EMBALLAGE, Paris – France from 14/11/16 to 17/11/16
  • INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA HORTITECHNICA, Stuttgart – Germany from 27/11/16 to 30/11/16



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