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The passion for innovation has always been the driving force behind the Pieralisi Group. This is just as true today as at the outset when Adeodato Pieralisi set up his first workshop in the small town of Monsano in 1888, the start of this family-run manufacturing business.

From the post-war period onwards, the Group’s main plant in Jesi has specialized in olive oil machinery and what was once a family-run manufacturing business became an industrial enterprise with a solid organization.

In the 1960’s, Pieralisi revolutionized traditional olive oil extraction systems, conquering domestic and international markets with the first decanter for olive-oil continuous processing. Starting in the 1970’s, Pieralisi moved into new sectors of the market.

The Group’s large experience and know-how in the olive oil sector led Pieralisi to offer centrifugal force as a rational solution to production processes in a wide range of food-processing and industrial sectors. The Group’s success was so rapid that, in just a few years, it established itself as the world’s leader company in centrifugation.

The key to Pieralisi’s success in the olive oil sector is the continual testing of innovative high-tech solutions aimed at increasing customers’ olive oil yield and quality. This commitment dates back to Pieralisi’s introduction of the first continuous-processing decanter that revolutionized the olive oil extraction process. Still today the Group provides the olive oil extraction industry with modern plants that are automatically able to handle all processing stages and to keep track of all data for complete traceability of the product.

In 2012 Pieralisi revolutions once again olive oil sector by introducing LEOPARD, the only centrifugal extractor with DMF technology (Multiphase Decanter) which represents the solution of the third era for olive oil extraction, turning a by-product to be disposed of into added value for the miller.

The Pieralisi Group is an integrated business system oriented towards the global market, with a great capacity for innovation.
The Group includes nineteen production and commercial companies, strategically located in Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Brazil, China, Tunisia, Russia and France. Working in synergy with the headquarters in Jesi, they generate turnover in excess of Euro 140 million, with a workforce of over 650 people.

Pieralisi’s constant commitment to research and development of advanced technologies has meant that the Group is now the indisputable leader in providing avant-garde separation solutions through centrifugal force.

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